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Global Config

Learn how to set global defaults for your cluster, projects (coming soon), and pipelines.

You can set global defaults for your cluster that are passed down to all pipeline specs. These defaults provide a consistent experience for your data scientists and help manage your cluster.

Before You Start #

Cluster Defaults #

Set Global Cluster Defaults #


Setting global defaults does not trigger existing pipelines to regenerate automatically unless the --regenerate flag is set.

View Global Cluster Defaults #

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Input the following command:
    pachctl inspect defaults --cluster | jq

Override Global Cluster Defaults #

Users can override global defaults in their pipeline specs when necessary. For example, let’s say that you set a global default for resource requests to look like the following:

  "resourceRequests": {
    "cpu": 1,
    "memory": "256Mi",
    "disk": "1Gi",

A user could disable needing any CPU by setting the following in their pipeline spec:

  "resourceRequests": {
    "cpu": null,

Any keys not specified in the pipeline spec will use the global defaults.